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Heya :) Please help me achieve my dream <3

Basically we have been working for an Irish Competition called Junk Kouture, which is about recycled fashion. We entered our dress at the start of the year, and we got through to the Southern Ireland Regional Final (or the All-Ireland Semi Final.) We have a Fashion show coming up in March, but first there will be an online vote, which counts for 10% of the overall result. And this is where I need your help! It would be more than a dream if we got through to the Final in Dublin!
Tomorrow, the 25th of February the online voting of all the 360 dresses entered, will commence. If you are so kind to vote for us, please visit
You will be asked what region to pick - I am from the SOUTHERN region! Please navigate to my dress called, “Sweet Temptation.” Be careful, this year there are 2 of the same name……I am “Sweet Temptation” from Bandon Grammar School! (You know what my dress looks like ;)
As far as I know you will be asked to enter your Email address to vote. You will be emailed a link to this email address - then you must click on this link to confirm your vote.
I hope this is not too complicated…………just click vote - enter your email - check your mails - and click on the link! You can vote once every day, till Friday the 1st of March! This can give us 5 votes :D
This would be an absolute dream for us and I could not say thank you enough! I love art and creating clothes, and this might be a step closer to becoming a costume designer when I’m older ;)

  • 24 February 2013
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